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The Project

Queer Migs es un Integrationsprojekt pour LGBTIQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender et intersex – oder einfach: queer) migrantes y local Leute in Zurich. Es hilft people new in town to find amigos et connaître Zurich better. On organise différentes activités, por exemplo dinners, sports y actividades culturales. Queer Migs sind eine international and aperto gruppo. Todo mundo interested is bienvenu to join e portare le sue ideas nel projet.


El Queer & Beer é um monatliches rencontre for drinks at varias localidades all over the città wo du kannst get to know outra gente. Désormais, unser Welcome Café for LGBT refugees è divenuto another regular meet-up. Ab und zu we also watch un film oder machen attività sportive together. Check out our calendar for upcoming events. Nous sommes toujours open to neue Ideen, so if you as envie de svolgere qualche altra attività, sagt nos Bescheid! Un obiettivo specifico of Queer Migs ist, l’échange culturel zu fördern by supporting people par l’apprentissage d’una lingua straniera. Über die Anmeldung auf nossa pagina web, you can trouver un partenaire de tandem per migliorare your language skills.


Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events.