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What is Tandem Learning?

Tandem language learning is a method of language learning based on mutual language exchange between tandem partners (ideally each learner is a native speaker in the language the tandem-partner would like to learn).


You can sign up for the tandem project here. Once you have indicated the language you would like to learn – your proficiency and the language you can teach someone – the system on the website automatically assigns you a tandem partner, who matches your location and the languages you would like to learn or improve. (Please be aware that it is possible, and even likely to happen, that there is no matching tandem partner at the moment and it may take some time before you get assigned to a language partner. Thus, please have some patience, especially if the languages you are planning to teach/learn are not that common in the area you live.) As a next step, your email address and name will be forwarded to your prospective language partner and vice versa.

How Does it Work? 

Two language partners meet in their free time in a learning environment in a public setting. They both have to agree on time, date and location for their language meetings. The duration is flexible and should be agreed between the tandem partners. Please make sure that both of you have equal chances to learn the language i.e. the classical style is that half the time is dedicated to one language, the other half to the other language. For example, a Portuguese and a German can talk half an hour in German and afterwards half an hour in Portuguese. In case you cannot make it to the agreed language session, please inform your tandem partner in advance. Bear in mind that the tandem project is totally voluntary. Hence, should you wish to withdraw from the tandem partnership, simply let your tandem partner know.

Terms & Conditions

Personal data supplied by tandem users are stored only for the purpose of connecting tandem partners and for internal use (anonymous statistics). Should you wish to withdraw from the project and your personal data to be deleted, please send an email to The tandem service is for free. The responsibility to organize the tandem meeting according to needs, time and preferences lies with the tandem users only. Especially the first language meetings should occur in a public place – for example cafés, bars, libraries or parks. Queer Migs neither guarantees the successful learning of a language nor the safety and good behaviour of tandem partners. The users must make sure their tandem partners are reliable, risk free and not dangerous persons. Any form of abuse should be reported to Finally, Queer Migs shall not be responsible and shall not be held liable for any harm or inconvenience occasioned to users by the use of Queer Migs tandem project.


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