Zurich is a multicultural city and well-known for its tolerance. Nevertheless, difficulties still exist when it comes to the integration of foreign people into the Swiss community. Quite often integration fails due to persisting language barriers. Queer Migs takes account of the needs of LGBTI migrants and stands for openness, respect and mutual support. The main goal is to connect people and make them have a good time. Our logo – a blender with a rainbow coloured vortex inside – represents diversity, as well as exchange and integration within society. Queer Migs was officially founded in 2013 and is a working group of HAZ (Homosexuelle Arbeitsgruppen Zürich). Since November 2015, we’ve organized a Welcome Café for queer refugees in collaboration with Queer Amnesty. Migrants and local people share coffee and cookies with LGBT refugees once a month.

The Project Group

ProjectGroup_2013 Above (left to right): Debora (psychologist, hobby-activist and eternally upcoming rockstar, from Bavaria), Diana (polyglot sociologist and life coach, from Italy) and Inga (psychologist and passionate soccer player, from Germany/Norway), who founded Queer Migs together in 2013. In the meanwhile, we got some support from Riccardo (PhD candidate playing with complex curves and categorical nonsense in algebraic geometry–or so, from Italy!), while our IT crowd, Steffi (IT consultant and boulder freak, from Austria) and Jan (mathematician and hopeless nerd, from Germany) silently programmed this website without anyone noticing.


Upcoming Events

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