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Dear Swiss people,

The 9th of February 2014 has been a dark day for all migrants in Switzerland. You just decided in a referendum to limit migration to your country. When we walk along the streets we have to face the fact that every other one of you voted “yes” to closure. Saying “yes” to the referendum means excluding people from this country, driven by the irrational fear that there might not be enough space for all. 

Do you know how we feel? We feel disappointed and scared. We cannot believe that this is going on in the country where we live. For many of us it was hard to get a job and to find friends here, but we finally did. Now we live here and this is our home. We love Switzerland and we love its people. We are your neighbours, your construction workers, your relatives, your nurses, your colleagues, your consultants, your partners –  we are your friends. We want to thank all the people who voted “no” and who stand with us.

Please open up your minds, and open up to us.


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