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The Project

Queer Migs is an integrational project for LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersexual – or just: queer) migrants and local people in Zurich. It helps people new in town to find friends and get to know Zurich better. We organize various social activities, for example dinners, sports and cultural events. Queer Migs are an international and open group. Everyone interested is welcome to join and bring in their ideas.


The Queer & Beer is a monthly appointment for drinks at varying locations all over the town where you can get to know other people. Moreover, we play soccer together regularly (for more information, please sign up for the soccer mailing list). From time to time, we also have an open mic at Devi’s Bar and other spontaneous activities. In order to see all upcoming events, check out our calendar. One important goal of Queer Migs is to foster cultural exchange by supporting people in learning a foreign language. By registering on our website, you can find a tandem partner to improve your language skills.